The Castle of Ravadinovo

The best romantic place ever. Unbelievable scenaries. You have to see it.

The Castle of Ravadinovo is the newest and romantic attraction near Sozopol. It is architectural design is unusual and extravagant for Bulgaria. Construction began about 20 years ago. Simply cannot describe this unigue place in a couple of words as it simply wouldn't do it justice. The Castle of Ravadinovo is definitely one of places worth a visit.

History: "I am a stranger coming from a distant land and all along the road, I carried you in my heart.I kept you safely in my soul like a mother protecting her baby.I have carried you for a long time, my dream, and I have been raising you stone by stone.Now, I can see you in front of my eyes – an ENCHANTING CASTLE IN LOVE WITH THE WIND"

The Castle: It was built completely of 20,000 tons of stone, which was specially extracted from the bowels of the earth in the Strandzha Mountain. The style of the Castle is one and only – the unique Fairy style. 

Fairytale world: If you want to go back in time for a while The Castle of Ravadinovo is the place to go. It is just 10 leva to spend several magical hours. At the gates you are met by the King of the castle for a photo opportunity. Everywhere studded with statues, carvings and castings of beautifully intricate detail. Walk along the beautifully landscaped alleys, listen sounds of parrots talking, peacocks screaming and the water splash in ponds and basins. Stop by the lake and watch the graceful swans float across the water surface. Just seat back and enjoy the experience. There is so much to see in the garden - there is a chapel, plentiful fancy fountains, garden statues, antiques, tiny bridges and other amazing treasures. Among other things there were several animals around the castle. Kids will definitely like it.

In 2016 The Castle of Ravadinovo won the first prize of the international competition "A’ Design Awards 2016” in the category: "A Hospitality, Recreation, Travel and Tourism Design“

We organize full day trip to The Ravadinovo Caslte including visit to Sand Sculptures in Bourgas!  

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