Changing the money in Sunny beach

The official currency in Bulgaria is Bulgarian lev. Although you can change to Bulgarian leva in Britain you will get a better rate in Sunny Beach. N.Irish and Scottish notes are a lot lower in exchange booths. Balkan airways don't accept them for in flight purchases. Our advise is take enough levs for a day or two and then just exchange the rest over here. Ramsdens have the best rates in UK. Usuallly they sell online levs at higher rate than the shops. There are several places where you can change your money in Sunny beach:

  • Banks - there a few banks on Flower Street, opposite the Hotel Kuban. Co-operative bank at top of flower street best for exchanging English pounds. There is another branch not far away the Festa Panorama hotel in the new Nessebar.  Take English notes unmarked. If you take travellers checks the rate much lower (charge up to 10% commission) Take your passport with you when changing at the banks. 

  • Crown`s exchange booths - Use no other kiosks as you can be easy rip off. There are loads of these everywhere in Sunny beach. Crown rate is lower than the bank rates.

  • There's loads of ATM's. Note that banks charge differently if you withdraw abroad. So first ask at your bank. You can withdraw money with Halifax clarity credit card or Nationwide flex plus card free of charge. Most of banks cards will charge you about £3.50. Also get a better exchange rate (even higher than Crown or Banks) You would withdraw up to 400 bg leva a day. Always select to be charged in local currency. Don`t forget to pay it back when you back home. If pay in one go within 28 days you pay no interest or commission. Also can set up the direct debit to pay of full amount. You can use Revolut card. It is a prepaid currancy card you can spend abroad with no fees. You can consider getting a bank account and card from Starling Bank. The account offers commission-free withdrawals in most ATM’s in Sunny Beach, no currency conversion fees and a very good exchange rate. One you have the account you just transfer money to it like any other account and then use the card normally. If using the Central Cooperative Bank`s ATM always select without conversion for better exchange rate. 

  • Hotels - We can recommend exchange kiosk at the Black Sea Hotel located on the main road from Sunny beach to Nessebar. Good rates at the Glarus Hotel.                     

  • Do not be tempted by rates advertised outside some kiosks as they are sometimes the "sell" rates and not the "buy" rates. If you see "best rates for sell" outside a kiosk, beware. Keep your money safe in the safety boxes in your hotel.

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