Black sea pearls

65 BGN (35 BGN for children 2-12)

08:00 AM Departure from Sunny beach 10:30 AM Arrival in Varna 11:00 AM Visit to the Aladzha Monastery - a monastery in a cave dating from 13-15th century. Aladzha Monastery was declared a public historical monument in 1927 and it was declared an architectural cultural monument of national significance in 1968. It is the most famous medieval cave monastery on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Very interesting to see how monks lived in rooms carved in the rocks. The place is surrounded by beautiful nature and landscape. Departure to Balchik. Visit summer Palace of the Romanian Queen Mary, known as "The Quiet Nest". The complex includes a water mill, a winery and the tiny Chapel of Sveta Bogoroditsa. There is a curious collection of local archaeological finds, including Roman pottery and mammoth bones. Taste some great wines from the wine cellar of the Palace. Spend a few pleasant hours walking around the Bothanical Gardens. The garden has many types of trees, flowers and other vegetation. Amazing views above the Black sea. 

Includes: A/C transportation, lunch, entrance fees, medical insurance, tour guding 


Aladzha Monastery  is a medieval Christian cave monastery in the central part of Golden Sands Natural ParkThe monastery caves were hewn into a 25-m high vertical karst cliff on two levels. The first level consists of a monastery church, monastic cells, a dining premise and a kitchen, a small cemetery church, a crypt (bone-vault) and farm premises. The second level is a natural cave recess in the eastern end of which there is a monastery chapel.The complex includes two small nearby catacombs. It was an active monastic community of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom, since the 12th century and survived until the 18th century.

Balchik is a town of steep cobbled lanes flanked by quaint whitewashed and terracotta-tile-roofed cottages. An early Roman town closer to the shoreline was wiped out by a tidal wave, probably caused by an earthquake on an Aegean or Turkish fault line, so 'new' Balchik was rebuilt at a higher elevation in the 7th century AD. In 1913 the region around the town was annexed by Romania. It returned to Bulgarian sovereignty in 1940, but this short period of Romanian rule left the town the legacy of its greatest attraction - the Summer Palace of Queen Marie. 

The greatest landmark of Balchik is The Palace – has remained from the period of the Romanian occupation. The Palace was the former summer residence of the Romanian Queen Maria (1875 – 1938). The residence was constructed in 1924.

The Botanical Garden in Balchik was established in 1955. Today the Botanical Garden spreads over an area of 190,000 m² and accommodates collections with over 3500 plant species.

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