The Blue mountains

68 BGN (35 BGN for kids 2-12 years)

Zheravna is a little Bulgarian village with ancient Bulgarian Renaissance architecture, situated in the central part of the Eastern Balkan mountains, near the town of Kotel, in Bulgaria. The village of Zheravna has 330 houses and 550 habitants. Since the first years of the Bulgarian National Revival here have been built houses that present some of the most amazing models of the Bulgarian renaissance lodging due to their architectural conception and artistic decoration. It is a world wide known architectural reserve. The village keeps more than 200 wooden houses. Some of them are over 300 years old. Every year Zheravna meets more than 130 000 tourists. More than half of them are foreigners.

08:00 AM Departure from Sunny beach. Pass through the Balkan mountain 10:00 AM Arrival at Zheravna; sightseeing tour, visit to a Bulgarian church, a museum. Walk on the cobbled streets and feel the true Bulgaria.
 Lunch 14:00 PM Departure to Sliven. Chair lift trip to the Karandila nature reserve (not included in tour costs - 10 leva) Enjoy amazing views. Worth getting over any fear of heights. Departure to winery. Wine tasting. 18:00 PM Return to Sunny beach Hotels 

Includes: A/C transportation, lunch, wine tasting, medical insurance, tour guiding 

We recommend: Please wear sensible walking shoes as Zheravna streets are very uneven


History of Zheravna: The land around Zheravna has been inhabitted by the Thracians. There are no clear evidences for the time they desapear, but there are facts that proves they were here. The Vida fortress has been constructed around 4th century. It was an important power point at the mountain pass called Demir kapu that means Iron Gates. The legend tells there were stone walls and iron gates, keeping the pass to the Northern parts of the country. Today there are stiil some remains from the fortress, the walls and a 2 kilometers long entrenchment. 

The ethnographical museum of Jeravna keeps an interesting coin collection that tells many facts about the history of the area. All the coins (Roman and Attic) have been discovered in the village or near the village. This fact tells that Jeravna has been inhabitted by the Romans and the Byzantines. The mountain ridge above the village was the place where passed the border between ancient Bulgaria and the Roman empire. Later it becomes the border between Bulgaria and Byzantium. 

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