Mud baths

29 BGN adults (15 for children 5-12)

Why not visit the largest free outdoor SPA centre in Pomorie? Pomorie salt lakes are probably most popular for the lye and therapeutic mud that is being naturally produced thereAll locals know the place and recently more and more tourists are learning about it. It is a great fun covering yourselve in black healing mud. Then let it dry in the sun before bathing in the lake. You will feel your skin smooth and soft afterwards. The mud smells strange because consists of hydrogen sulphide due to the numerous decaying microorganisms. It contains inorganic substances such as silicates, sands, gypsum, iron and aluminium compounds, different hydroxides and salts. The black mud is a proven treatment for different illnesses. It is the cheapest way for increase your healthy. One centimetre of mud takes at least one year to form. The essence of mud treatment is the complex effects on the whole peripheral nervous system. Its thermal properties dilate the blood vessels and open new capillaries. This reduces swellings and pain, heals wounds and reduces scarring, improves metabolism and regenerative processes. Mud not only heals but it also beautifies and rejuvenates by bringing calcium, iodine, phosphorus to the skin. It heals almost the full range of skin disease, arthritis, disc herniation, gynaecological problems, plexitis, tendonitis, joint dislocation and sciatica. 

10:00 AM Departure from Sunny beach 10:45 AM Arrival at the mud baths in Pomorie 10:50 AM  The most popular way to use the mud is the mud cover, which is already known by the ancient Egyptians. It is recommended you don’t stay in the lye for more than 20-30 minutes because your heart might be overburdened. You should leave unoiled the part around the heart. You can smear the face, but not the whole head. 13:00 PM Return to Sunny beach  


History: In the spring of 1945, when the Germans leaves its bases in Bourgas region, three wagons turn out to be filled with … mud. The order was given by the high command of the Third Reich, that had been informed for the precious qualities of this Bulgarian natural resource years ago. The lye and the mud from the salt-pits were tested in German laboratories still 1942 and it was found out that their qualities are incomparable to any other deposit in the world.

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