The rose festival 2019

85 BGN (45 BGN children 2-12)

Rose festival is one of the most beautiful festivals in Bulgaria. The town of Kazanluk is a place which is worth visiting as well as it has Thracian Tomb, which attracts many tourist to the area. The rose is one of the symbols of Bulgaria. The country produces the best rose oil in the world since 1664. Now Bulgaria manufactures about 70% of all rose oil in the world. The Kazanlak rose is being grown in the notorious Rose Valley in Central Bulgaria where the unique climate conditions and soils are perfect for this remarkable plant. The Rose valley covers geographically the Valley of the Thracian Kings as well. Many impressive Thracian tombs, temples and sanctuaries with lots of golden, silver and bronze craftsman masterpieces inside them have been found on the territory of Bulgaria. 

05:00 AM Early morning departure from Sunny beach. 09:00 AM Arrival in the village of Dabovo to take part in the rose picking ritual. Rose picking last for about a month. It is only from 20th May to 20th June. Picking of roses is done every morning from 5 am till 10 am. 10:30 AM Visit to the Museum of the Rose. The museum is small but has a well organised and arranged exhibition, giving a complete insight about the history of the "rose oil" industry in the regionAmong the exhibits are some original pieces of equipment: stills for distilling the rose oil; instruments for separating the oil from the rose water; bottles, containers and craters for storing and exporting the oil; logos of rose traders, photographs and documents of rose traders families, etc. You can purchase rose, mint and lavender essential oils; various rose products, rose liqueur, rose brandy, and souvenirs from the daily life of rose producers. 13:30 PM Lunch in Kazanlak 15:00 PM Visit of the “Kazanlak Tomb”. It is an original Thracian tomb from 4th – 3rd century BC. It is under a special storage regime. Its duplicate, constructed in scale 1:1, which presents the architecture, the archaeological materials and the wall-paintings of the Kazanlak Tomb, is situated next to it. This Tomb is one of the most significant monuments of the Thracian culture in the Bulgarian lands, included in the list of the global cultural inheritance of UNESCO in 1979. Over 15 000 Thracian tombs have been discovered on the territory of Bulgaria. They are 2000 – 3000 years old. Many of them are situated in the Valley of Roses and this is the reason this valley to have a second name – the Valley of the Thracian Kings. 16:30 PM Departure to Sunny beach

History: Bulgaria first started cultivating roses and extracting the oils in the 1600's with the first exports to the lucrative markets in France in 1740.

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