Pomorie - Sozopol - Ropotamo River

50 BGN (26 BGN for kids 2-12)

Sozopol is one of the few unique towns in the world, where romance and history has been alive for many years. Place was home for Thracians, Romans and Greeks. The town, at first called Antheia, was colonized in Thrace, by Anaximander (born 610-609 BC). The name was soon changed to Apolloniya, on account of a temple dedicated to Apollo in the town, 30 cubits high, transported later to Rome by Lucullus and placed in the Capitol. 

08:00 AM Pick up from from Sunny beach Hotels. 08:45 AM Visit the St. George monastery in the town of Pomorie 11:00 AM Arrival in Sozopol, one of the oldest greek colonies on the Black Sea Coast in Bulgaria, founded under the name Apolloniya in the 6th century B.C. 12:00 PM Lunch. Free time 13:30 PM Boat cruise to the estuary of the Ropotamo "The Virgin" river 15:00 PM Departure to Bourgas. Free time 17:00 PM Departure to Sunny beach.

Includes: A/C transportation, visit to St.George monastery, walking sightseeing tour through Old Town in Sozopol, Ropotamo boat cruise, lunch, entrance fees, medical insurance, tour guiding 


St. George monastery was established in the 7th century but was later destroyed during the Ottoman invasion. At the end of the 17th century, a Turkish administrator, Selim Bey, who according to a legend, was ill with an incurable disease, settled here and built his own farm in the place of the former monastery. One night, Selim Bey dreamt that he found curative water in his yard. On the morning, he started searching for the place and found a marble bas-relief of St. George. Beneath it, the water of his dream sprang out and after he drank from it, he was cured. The legend further says that after that Selim Bey and his entire family converted to Christianity. The bas relief that he found in the yard is still kept and can be seen in the monastery. Selim Bey also built a small chapel close to the holy spring that laid the foundations of the present-day monastery. After he widowed, Selim Bey became the first father superior of the monastery. The present-day church was built in 1856 over the foundations of the preceding one. 

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