Property insurance in Bulgaria


Comfort for Home  Covered risks Characteristics of the covered risks 
Basic Fire, Lightning, Explosion, Implosion, Blow or fall on the body of piloted aircraft, its parts or goods Clause is also provided damages as a result of setting on fire, melting down, scorching, fuming, boiler explosion, pressure of gases, liquids or evaporations. 
Foresight "Basic" + Storm, Hail, Torrential rain, Floods, The severity of the natural accumulation of snow and ice, Water leakage and / or steam  
Security "Foresight" + Malicious actions of third parties or vandalism  
Calm "Security" + Short circuit and / or blackout  
Full coverage "Calm" + Landslide or collapsing and / or damage from action of underground waters, Hit by a vehicle and / or animal wreck with loading and unloading machines  


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